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Jay Psychs

Actor / Writer / Director / Cinematographer

Jeremy C.Y. Butler



Jeremy Butler aka "Jay Psychs" is an Award-Winning Director, Writer, Actor, Cinematographer, Photographer, and Editor. He has held these titles professionally for 12 years. From making home movies as a child to red carpet premieres, film and production are his true passion.

Jeremy's recent film "Londyn & James" is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The movie broke records as it's premiere was SOLD OUT at Hoyts West Nursery Cinemas' biggest theater for two nights.

Currently, Jeremy has partnered up with local stage play and film director Edwin Maker to create the movie "We The People". This movie will premiere Summer 2023. For this film, Jeremy serves as Co-Director, Director Of Photography, Editor, Composer, and On Screen Protagonist. He also is producing the entire soundtrack to the film.

When Jeremy isn't on set filming, he is running his Distribution Company which distributes Films & Music to major streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV, TLC, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more.




Washington DC / Maryland Area

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